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Already Gone

Hello Midwest Climbers:

In 1996 (18 years ago!), when we first registered the domain name and ClimbingCentral was started, climbing was regarded as a fringe activity. There was little community. The site was an attempt to connect climbers together and help build a community. Over the years it grew in traffic, some controversies came and went, but ClimbingCentral was always there as a go-to place for information about climbing in the Midwest U.S. and Western Ontario.

The Forums were always a consistent draw, especially in winter when ice climbing information was scarce.

Things are different now. With the paradigm shifts in technology, ClimbingCentral has seen its core audience fragmented as climbers can get information from many different sources. But a curious thing has happened — with more information out there and more ways to connect, there seems to be less community, but unfortunately less traffic to regional sites such as ClimbingCentral.

So it is with regret that we announce that we are taking down ClimbingCentral for the time being. Perhaps in the future, when things change, there might be a need again.

— Eric Landmann, Publisher
— Don Hynek, Editor


We are still selling our guidebooks — Check out the Climbing Central Store for currently in-print guidebooks about rock and ice climbing in the Midwest.


The ClimbingCentral Routes Database that has rock and mixed climbing route descriptions and photos is still online and should be there for the forseeable future.